A Discussion with Jombang Youth Shelter Caretakers


My colleagues, Yusti, Tiwi and myself discussed with the two care takers, who had come a long way from the youth shelter in Jombang to participate in Margret’s seminar about the future of the shelter, fundraising, and improving the website, eventually offering an English site as well as a result of the success of previous shelter inhabitants holding some excellent employment now.

Transpersonal Psychology Seminar


Margret facilitated a seminar on transpersonal psychology at Ubaya University in Surabaya Java. She was invited to teach the Magister program for over 50 people. The seminar was experiential with meditation and theoretical, as well as discussion at the end. Her longtime colleague from Ubaya university, Tiwi,  translated when needed. However, most of the participants have a good understanding of English.


IMG_1829 (1)

Deepak Suchde’s Farm

The last leg of my journey brought me to the farm of Deepak Suchde, who propagates a very specific approach to compost-making. This approach is famous all over India for saving large plantation from disease. Here I held a one day workshop on the Heart Self-Intelligence approach before continuing on to Mumbai. As you can see from the pictures, the veggies and fruit in his gardens are remarkable.

The Ashram of Ramana Maharshi


The second leg of the journey brought me to Tirunamavalai, the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi, a saint who had impressed me very deeply after seeing a video. He was the first Indian Guru who talked about the search for the Self within, thus confirming my work in transpersonal psychology with the Heart Self-Intelligence approach. Many people are visiting the Ashram.



Margret Visits India


In March 2015, I made a visit India. First stop was Auroville in Madras, the Matrimandir, and visits to serveral farms to learn more about their approach to taking care of the soil. I completed my certificate in Permaculture Design last year and I am extremely interested in taking care of the soil-earth.


HeartSelf-Intelligence Workshop – University of Indonesia

A three day intensive workshop introducing HeartSelf-Intelligence at the University of Indonesia in the suburbs of Jakarta. The morning began with a Yoga class, followed by a introduction to Heart mediation.
The participants  were composed of lecturers and Master class students. I was invited to come back for a follow up.
Of course, being a Javanese event, food plays a major role during the seminar. Morning break with all kinds of rice cookies and other goodies, a full  lunch box and afternoon tea break with other delicacies.

A visit to the Jombang youth shelter

Final end of year evaluation of our shelter in Jombang, Java, for youths released from children’s prison.
Much has happened since my last visit half a year ago. Computerskills, repairing cell phones and many other skills were learned. These pictures show one of our youth in his working corner repairing cell phones.
Once more we sat together in Surabaya and worked over the final financial statement for the sponsoring agency. Part of this was, to visit our vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Our team is represented there: Tiwi, Ayuni, Yusti, Ria and myself enjoying chinese vegetarian lunch.