Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Discussion with Jombang Youth Shelter Caretakers


My colleagues, Yusti, Tiwi and myself discussed with the two care takers, who had come a long way from the youth shelter in Jombang to participate in Margret’s seminar about the future of the shelter, fundraising, and improving the website, eventually offering an English site as well as a result of the success of previous shelter inhabitants holding some excellent employment now.

Transpersonal Psychology Seminar


Margret facilitated a seminar on transpersonal psychology at Ubaya University in Surabaya Java. She was invited to teach the Magister program for over 50 people. The seminar was experiential with meditation and theoretical, as well as discussion at the end. Her longtime colleague from Ubaya university, Tiwi,  translated when needed. However, most of the participants have a good understanding of English.


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