Jombang youth shelter

On July 09 and 10, Margret traveled to Java to meet with her colleagues of Ubaya university. We are the team which runs the shelter in Jombang for young people who are released from prison.

One full day was spent discussing and planning the program and grant application for the year 2013.

The other day we drove 2 hours to the shelter to do an on-location evaluation of our youths living and being trained there.

Core team with some evaluation meeting participants

Right now we have employed a new caretaker, who’s initiative is wonderful to watch. The youths have produced a play, are learning motorcycle maintenance and other skills. The first group has already found employment and now the second group is in training.

Automotive course

Meditation activity

Art activity


Developing the shelter project

A three day retreat with my colleagues at Trwawas, Java to develop the next steps at the shelter project. We were working on the proposal, log frame and budget. This project is financed by Kindernothilfe (KNH) in Germany.

Margret at Jiwa Damai

Margret at Jiwa Damai permaculture and retreat center on Bali where she takes care of all aspects of the running and expanding the gardens and the teamwork.

Margret Rueffler

A meeting in New York

Here Margret met with Bo Kwartarini in New York at the Mariott. She is the chair of the Department of Indiginous and cultural psychology of Gaja Madah University in Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia. We discussed a continuation of our already 2 years running transpersonal psychology program. She would like to introduce it as a regular recognized training at her university.

Margret with Bo Kwartarini

Second Year Professional Training in Transpersonal Psychology

Therapists and lecturers practicing techniques with each other.  This training is organized by UGM JogJakarta University.


Dining together at Jiwa Damai, our permaculture garden and retreat center.

The Second International Conference of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology

Dr. Margret Rueffler presented the psychology of nations at the medical faculty of Udayana University, Denpasar Bali


Dr. Margret Rueffler presenting on the Psychology of Nations, a case history research and project.

Appreciation and thank you to the keynote speakers.


Official opening flag ceremony of the 58 participating countries.

Contribution of Balinese students to the opening ceremony.


The Annual Conference of the Indonesian Forensic Psychology Association in Semarang Java at the Police Academy Grounds

Dr. Margret Rueffler is introducing a transpersonal approach to working with youth in prison.



Police Academy discipline of placing guns and helmets.