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HeartSelf-Intelligence Workshop – University of Indonesia

A three day intensive workshop introducing HeartSelf-Intelligence at the University of Indonesia in the suburbs of Jakarta. The morning began with a Yoga class, followed by a introduction to Heart mediation.
The participants  were composed of lecturers and Master class students. I was invited to come back for a follow up.
Of course, being a Javanese event, food plays a major role during the seminar. Morning break with all kinds of rice cookies and other goodies, a full  lunch box and afternoon tea break with other delicacies.

Surabaya Mosque

During a working visit with my collegues in Surabaya, Java, I visited the largest mosque there and wanted to share a few pics with you.




California Tour

After spending some days in Santa Fe, Margret took off to San Francisco to take a tour down to the South California.

What a beautiful landscape !





Trip to Santa Fe

Santa Fe in New Mexico is a desert area at 1800 m altitude. Margret spent more than 2 years here doing her acupuncture studies. This time she visited Jeanne, who studied with her in the same class, at her beautiful home to exchange and update on each others learnings and techniques.
Jeanne and Margret

Jeanne and Margret


New Mexico is also called the land of enchantment and most of the buildings are in Adobe style, that is mud brick buildings. It rains very rarely and it is very dry. The Adobe houses can be built in very organic shapes and they keep cool during  the hot days.
Jeanne’s house is a wonderful and lovingly self built and decorated house.

A perspective from the entrance to Jeanne's house

Jeanne’s house: A perspective from the entrance

Desert road in Santa Fe

Desert road in Santa Fe

Dear Colleagues and Friends


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Being quiet for sometime, I feel it is time to share a short report about what I have been up to, working mostly in Indonesia now.
I strongly believe that values should become alive and life giving, that is, using my body(s) to translate them into concrete action.
At this time it seems especially important to me to lovingly accept the past (pre-supposing I have looked at it) and move into loving action (LoveWill).

After closing the PsychoPolitical Peace Institute in Switzerland two years ago, where we trained therapist for 22 years, my heart led me to Indonesia. Here I work with two universities in Java, and have introduced Transpersonal Psychology into one curriculum, as a three year training, my book “Inner Actors” Subpersonalities in Psychosynthesis, being the textbook.
With Ubaya university I work in a team with my Javanese colleagues for 10 years in children’s prisons, having written and DVD’d and held trainings in four institutions for youths and employees. Now we run a shelter for released youths law offenders in Jombang,Java, based on empowerment and raising Self-esteem, offering various skills trainings as well as heart meditation. A great combination of catalyzing values combined with hands on skills.
Our focus for next year is on restorative justice and advocacy.

In Bali, the Lagu Damai Foundation is supporting various projects: http://www.pppi.net/international_action_projects.html . Jiwa Damai permaculture garden and retreat center begins to flower organically after the initial years. In May, we offer again a month long internship , a combination of learning permaculture principles, with hands on, Yoga, meditation as well as “unfolding the HeartSelf-Intelligence”, leading to the innermost, deepest “Self”.
A permaculture Design certification class is offered in February with Jeremiah Kidd and Rico Zook. http://jiwadamai.net/activities—seminars/ .
Of course this means eating organic great veggies and fruit, seeded, planted and harvested with much love and care. (Not to forget the way they are prepared and turned into nutritious meals)

How can I return the life-giving love I receive from our earth? I found that by doing hands on with the inner attitude and values of gratitude, respect and honoring, my intention and love is being received.

Peacelight greetings
Margret R.