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HeartSelf-Intelligence Workshop – University of Indonesia

A three day intensive workshop introducing HeartSelf-Intelligence at the University of Indonesia in the suburbs of Jakarta. The morning began with a Yoga class, followed by a introduction to Heart mediation.
The participants  were composed of lecturers and Master class students. I was invited to come back for a follow up.
Of course, being a Javanese event, food plays a major role during the seminar. Morning break with all kinds of rice cookies and other goodies, a full  lunch box and afternoon tea break with other delicacies.

A visit to the Jombang youth shelter

Final end of year evaluation of our shelter in Jombang, Java, for youths released from children’s prison.
Much has happened since my last visit half a year ago. Computerskills, repairing cell phones and many other skills were learned. These pictures show one of our youth in his working corner repairing cell phones.
Once more we sat together in Surabaya and worked over the final financial statement for the sponsoring agency. Part of this was, to visit our vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Our team is represented there: Tiwi, Ayuni, Yusti, Ria and myself enjoying chinese vegetarian lunch.

Gaja Mahda graduation

My dear friend and colleague , head of the indiginous psychology department at Gaja Mahda university in Jogjakarta was given the professorship. I was in the unique position to be attending, and looking around the room of approx 400 pople I seems the only Western face there. It was a quite powerful event, first all the professors entering in their togas with they hats on, the one hour speech of my friend Bo Kwartarini, the individual congratulations of 400 peoples and a huge buffet. A very impressive affair. I was told, that the professorship, which is bestowed by the state as well and the university is quite difficult to achieve and there are not many. I felt quite honored to be invited to this event.

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Trip to Santa Fe

Santa Fe in New Mexico is a desert area at 1800 m altitude. Margret spent more than 2 years here doing her acupuncture studies. This time she visited Jeanne, who studied with her in the same class, at her beautiful home to exchange and update on each others learnings and techniques.
Jeanne and Margret

Jeanne and Margret


New Mexico is also called the land of enchantment and most of the buildings are in Adobe style, that is mud brick buildings. It rains very rarely and it is very dry. The Adobe houses can be built in very organic shapes and they keep cool during  the hot days.
Jeanne’s house is a wonderful and lovingly self built and decorated house.

A perspective from the entrance to Jeanne's house

Jeanne’s house: A perspective from the entrance

Desert road in Santa Fe

Desert road in Santa Fe

HeartSelf-Intelligence-Workshop in Germany

Margret is teaching a class in Gießen, Germany.
This is one of Margret’s longterm groups, classes are running in the 4. year already.
The topic of the workshop is Cell Memories and Epigenetics – unfolding the HeartSelf-Intelligence potential in the cells.


Margret und Ulrike


Hier einige Impressionen des HerzSelbst-Intelligenz-Seminars in Gießen.
Dies ist Margrets langjährige Gruppe – Sie unterrichtet bereits im 4. Ausbildungsjahr.
Thema des Ausbildungs-Workshops ist Zellerinnerungen und Epigenik – Das Potential der HerzSelbst-Intelligenz in den Zellen entfalten.

Faculty of psychology of Ubaya – 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the faculty of psychology of Ubaya university in Surabaya, I was invited to do a workshop at their conference about holistic healing.

Simultaneously it was a celebration of our working together for nearly 10 years now. As  project advisors and consultants we worked on many different projects. Lately in form of a team of four.
One picture shows the group of my colleagues, the other the groups of participants from as far away as Sumatra, and other islands.